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Basketball Product Reviews: Learn More About Basketball Equipment

In playing basketball, there are important equipment you need to have and these include court equipment, players equipment and officials equipment. Court equipment include the ball, basketball hoop, backboard, scoreboard and the floor. Players equipment include basketball uniform, gears and accessories. Officials equipment include the whistle, uniform, score book, game clock and shot clock. A formal basketball game should have all of these equipment. If you just play basketball for recreation or mere fun, you can improvise or miss other equipment but not the most important ones which are the ball and the basketball hoop.

When it comes t shopping basketball equipment at, there are wide selection of products and brands you can choose from. It is important to identify your needs, whether you're buying for your children's equipment or for yourself who needs a professional equipment. You need to consider the users' age range, materials or make of products and the cost. There are different sizes of basketball for your child or for yourself, and the size depends on the age. A small size 5 is the smallest basketball available in the market today that is bet for younger children (below 11 years old), ideal for children with smaller hands so they can fit around and easier control because of its ideal weight. A slightly larger ball is recommended for children under 11 years of age but with a hand span larger than average. For those in their teenage years or 11 years old and above, the best option is size 6 or size 7, ideal for teams play, club use or just for fun. Semi-professional or professional club team are more serious players that need size 7, which is the legal basketball size among professional basketball game with 22oz of weight. The materials used to make basketball are either leather, synthetic leather or composite rubber. When it comes in choosing the best basketball stand, size is the most important factor. A portable stand is better for children with different ages so the height can be adjusted as needed. The full basketball height is 10ft or 3.05m, and majority of stands are now adjustable. For children, stands can be adjusted from 1.65m to 250m depending on the brand.


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